Can you see the new you?

As we get closer to the end of our first 12 week challenge, I have started to notice a common theme appearing from my clients. It made me wonder, can you see the new you? This weekend I spent the day shopping for an outfit for my hens night. We were all on a mission to find the perfect outfit to look great, feel great and be able to move on the dance floor.  The weight has been sneaking off slowly as we weigh in every 3 weeks. When you see little numbers you don’t think of the greater impact it has once you add them all together.  I witnessed the self doubt as we all stared in the mirror making sure our butts didn’t look too big or that the outfit flattered our baby stretched bellies. There was much discussion on whether we should go up a size to make something more flattering but of course that then makes it look huge around our shoulders.  The biggest challenge of the day was convincing some of us that they no longer needed to shop in the plus size stores. We found clothes in many stores that now fit. We walked into one store by chance and all 4 of us found something in there that looked fantastic. 3 of us purchased an absolute bargain. (I personally saved $199 from the original marked price). The 4th member of the group needed some more time to decide.  She has been through a massive transformation over the last 12 months and she does not yet see how fantastic she looks. She has not yet gained the confidence she deserves to have considering how far she has come. I understand it’s not an easy process. The mind sometimes still sees the fat chick. We as women tend to focus on the bad parts instead of the great.  No matter how many compliments she received, or the random friend who we ran into that also joined the confidence boosting party, it wasn’t enough to get her to buy that beautiful dress. At the end of the day we hoped that she has walked away seeing that she can wear sexy dresses.  But no matter whether you make a small change or a large change, you need to embrace your body at each stage. Be confident in who you are and what you are doing. Know that you are heading towards a healthier lifestyle.  So next time your friends or family tell you how amazing you look, please believe them.

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