Are You Scared of Bootcamp?

With Outdoor Fitness being so popular, we hear many people raise concerns with coming to a bootcamp. They are worried about being yelled at, made to work too hard for their fitness level or flipping tyres. It made me think about those who have not yet joined us.Are you scared of bootcamp? We hear many people refer to our Outdoor Group Training as Bootcamp. While we don’t see ourselves as a Bootcamp, we understand that this is a much easier way of referring to what we do.

Bootcamps became very popular with the military style of training where a buff trainer in camo would take the group outdoors and make them work as hard as army recruits. You got the image of crawling across the ground, getting dirty, sweaty and generally working hard. We like to think we are different. While we may do some of the same exercises you see The Commando rocking out, we want you to succeed so we will work with you to get the best results.

So what are you afraid of?


I have also heard stories of clients afraid to train in these groups as they sustained an injury at a bootcamp. While injuries can occur with any type of exercise, it is important for us to make sure you complete your exercises safely. We ensure correct technique in all that we do. We will regress to an easier version of an exercise until you are strong enough if needed.

Flipping tyres

Well we think flipping tyres is a great way to show your strength, work together as a team and get a bit dirty, but we won’t have any tyres for you to flip. It’s really not a scary activity. We will show you the correct technique and never ask you to do it if you are not ready.

Being yelled at

While we like to motivate our members, we won’t yell at you. We know you are all adults and we want to treat you with that respect. We give you the workout to do and if you don’t want to do it, then that’s your choice. We want you to give everything a go and try your best but in the end we won’t force you or demean you to get you working hard. We will give you positive encouragement throughout the session and inspire you to push yourself to the next level.

Not fit enough

Are you worried you aren’t fit enough? There is no need, we all have to get started to be able to improve. Many of our clients are beginners who start out not being able to do basic movements like squats and pushups. We will start you off with an easy version. As you get stronger, we show you how to keep improving.  Tristan and I have never been in the military and we started out in the same place as you. While we have been active growing up, we became adults who went through a stage of being less active. We have taken our time to get fitter and stronger to be able to do what we can these days. We are always working harder to achieve something more and want to help others to do the same.

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