Are you Ready for The Fishers Ghost Fun Run?

It’s only 2 weeks away and you have committed to race. Have you been training? What should you do to prepare? Are you ready for the Fishers Ghost Fun Run?  Evolution Health Services has entered a team in this years race. For me, this is my first time of completing the 5km Fun Run. I have wanted to do it for years but timing was never right. I have completed the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in the past and could not run the whole thing. I kept walking. So I made it my goal in our 12 Week Challenge to run the whole 5km without walking. While training, inspired by my own client who is about to run the New York Marathon, I decided to just do it. I ran 5 laps of Park Central Campbelltown which is just over 5kms. I didn’t stop but now I have a time to beat.  You may be thinking, why are you setting goals when you are the Personal Trainer. Well I believe that to motivate your clients, you need to show them it is possible. I am by no means an athlete. I don’t look like the sculpted babes on the magazines, I am a real person with a family, business and life to deal with too. So I would like to share my tips of what we can do over the next 2 weeks to get prepared. 1. Tell yourself you can do it.  Mindset will get you far. When completing my training, I was actually saying the number 5 out loud as I ran. Not 2.5, not 3 or 4… I wanted to complete 5kms so I kept telling myself to do it. Luckily there were not too many others nearby so there was no one to hear this crazy person talking to herself.  <hatulclass=”font_8″>2. Picture yourself and imagine the feeling Achieving a goal is one thing, but have you considered how you will feel. Do you crave to have that feeling? Well start picturing yourself going the distance and how proud you will feel when you achieve it. It is easy to set a goal but attach your emotions to it and the goal will drive your body when your mind wants to give up.  3. Keep hydrated.  Did you notice on the back of your race bib they provided you with a Hydration message from Sports Medicine Australia? Hydration is important before the race, as well as in the weeks leading up. You do not want to start a race in a dehydrated state so ensure you get the required amount daily. Also remember that you need to increase your intake when training.  4. Get yourself some comfy gear Running shoes and active wear choices are important. Choose shoes that will support your feet and avoid shoes that are too tight, too loose or likely to cause you blister. I choose to run in tights as I have the lovely issue of my thighs rubbing together so short shorts ride up. Tights allow my legs the freedom to slide against one another easily. You may start the race feeling cool but run in a singlet but bring along your sunscreen to protect your skin.  5. Address any injuries now As a Remedial Massage Therapist I can also help to identify any issues with your muscles prior to racing. If you have a niggle in any area of your legs or back, speak to me about how I can help. You may require a massage treatment or I can provide you with appropriate stretches or foam rolling exercises to help.  If you would like to join the Evolution team in the race, head to the Fishers Ghost Fun Run website to enter now. If you need any more tips, Contact Us today.

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