Are You Investing in Your Body?

Are You Investing in Your Body?

In business we are told that we need to spend money to make money. It appears to be reverse logic and you wonder how it works. In our businesses we don’t have to needlessly spend money, but invest in the important parts to see it grow. When it comes to our health and well being it seems there are many ways reverse logic applies to ensuring that you are performing at your best. Find out ways to invest in yourself to see your health grow.

Expend Energy to Increase Energy

We have all used the excuse that we are too tired to exercise. When you participate in moderate intensity exercise, your body begins to release endorphins to overcome that tired feeling. If you are tired, I would recommend starting with a walk. Get your heart rate up but only push to an intensity where you are just struggling to keep up a conversation. Notice how good you feel after the workout and how much your energy levels improve

Drink Water to Lose Water

The body uses a complex system to regulate water levels within the body. If we consume more water than the body requires, it flushes it in the form of urine. If we do not consume enough water, our body decreases output to ensure we have enough fluid to function. Our bodies are amazing machines that will do awesome things to make sure we stay alive. So if you find you are holding onto fluid, try increasing your intake and monitoring the change. 

Eat More to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, the first thing we think to do is reduce the calories we consume. Many people seriously restrict calories well below what their body needs to function at rest. It’s an evolutionary trait that our bodies are designed to store food in times of famine as a survival mechanism. The body is never sure when it will get more food so it works to ration our stores. If you consume fresh, healthy foods, your body will let go of its stores. If you give the body what it needs, it won’t need to hold onto more.

Move More to Lessen Pain

When it comes to pain, our first instinct is to stop moving. We sit down and rest in hope of easing our pain. In some circumstances rest is important. Our bodies also work to protect itself from injury by causing muscles to spasm to stop any moves that may cause damage. Once treated, it is important to continue to move normally. Walking and stretching will help your muscles relax and return your function to normal.

Sleep Breeds Sleep

This rings true with my toddler. On days when he refuses to nap, he usually has a bad night too. When he’s slept throughout the day, he sleeps better at night. For adults, many of us wake up feeling tired. We are not giving ourselves enough rest and running on empty. We are then struggling to rest again the next night. To improve sleep, we can try techniques such as going to bed for 8 hours sleep, drinking herbal tea, turning off the phone,having a bath and listening to music to switch our minds off. These techniques will lead to a better quality sleep and in turn will assist with your future sleep patterns.

Investment in our bodies in the form of self care can improve our health and well being to grow our energy and productivity. In our lives we have many important roles where we need to be functioning at our best. We are parents, team mates, employers or employees, we are our most important asset and need to spend time on ourselves to ensure we are able to fulfill these roles in life. 

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