7 Steps to Find Your Perfect Remedial Massage Therapist

Commonly I hear from people that they cannot find a Remedial Massage Therapist. I find this funny as I know where so many are in the Campbelltown and Macarthur area. Many are highly trained, qualified and professionally accredited. So I thought I would provide you with 7 steps to find your perfect Remedial Massage Therapist. Finding a Remedial Massage Therapist can sometimes be a little like dating. You have to try a few that are not compatible before finding that perfect person. So to cut this process down, here is what you should be doing to find that perfect practitioner.

Step 1. Google the term “Professional Massage Associations Australia”. Here you will find a list of the Massage Associations in Australia. As Remedial Massage is not governed by one professional body as required for Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Massage Therapists join these associations to show that they meet professional standards and comply with a code of conduct.

Step 2. Search the association website for the Remedial Massage Therapists in your area. Some associations will give you tips of questions to ask the potential therapist and can refine the search to your local area. I am accredited with The Association of Massage Therapists Ltd. You can search for me as an example by following this link. Find a Therapist – Search by Postcode 

Step 3. Check out whether the Remedial Massage Therapist has a website. In this website there should be a section outlining their qualifications. Look for an About Us Page or Meet the Team. The current standard for qualification in Remedial Massage is the ‘Diploma of Remedial Massage’. As I completed my course over 16 years ago the equivalent course was the ‘Diploma of Health Science (Massage Therapy).

Step 4. Know what you want or need.When looking for a Remedial Massage Therapist you need to know what you want or need from the treatment. Whether you want a purely relaxation massage for stress, Remedial Massage for an injury or restricted movement or Pregnancy Massage for aches involved with your growing body, it should be clear the purpose for your treatment. The Remedial Massage Therapist’s website, flyer or business card should outline their experience, specialities and further education. This information will help to choose whether they are the right fit for you.

Step 5. Ask your friends or colleagues. If you are still unsure who to go with, ask your friends who they have seen. If I have a client in who has seen another Remedial Massage Therapist, I ask for their experience with that person. Whether positive or negative, their experience should be considered in the context of what they were looking for in a therapist.

Step 6. Contact them.Whether it is by email, through a website enquiry or by phone you should talk to the potential Remedial Massage Therapist. You can ask them about your ache, pain, injury or condition and see if it is something they can help you with. This could save you time and money if they cannot help you. Good Remedial Massage Therapists will have a network of others in the area which they can refer you to if they cannot help.

Step 7. Make an appointment and be willing to try another.When going into your appointment be open and honest with the Remedial Massage Therapist of what you want, what you need and areas that you would like specific attention to. ie. upper back, neck or for me I would ask for thumbs. This will help the therapist know exactly where to spend their time and will ensure you get the most from your treatment. If you didn’t get the attention you wanted, mention it. They can offer to start at that area during your next appointment so enough time is given to that ache or pain. If you really feel they aren’t for you, then move on to someone else.

As much as I would like to suit everyone, I’m sure some people may not like something about me and that’s ok. We now have three other Massage Therapists in our team (read about us here) and a network of other local professional Massage Therapists we can refer you to see. So next time you need treatment, follow some or all of my steps and see if you find that Perfect Remedial Massage Therapist for you. If you have any questions about your treatment needs then Contact us to ask how we can help.

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