6 Ways To Save Money On Remedial Massage

I have heard people say that massage is expensive. I understand that. When you see the bills piling up the first things to go are the perceived “Luxury” items. Massage may seem like a luxury but it forms part of a well designed self care routine. Remedial Massage should be thought of as part of your health care. You look after your body so that you can continue to perform your duties as a spouse, partner, parent or colleague. Many people choose to wait until they are broken and in pain before seeking help. The longer you leave the pain, the more treatment you will need to get you out of that acute pain state. I want to make sure that Remedial Massage is affordable so follow my 6 ways to save on Remedial Massage and see the difference. Commitment to Self Care The number one way to save money on Remedial Massage is to commit to a great self care routine. Following each massage, I aim to provide all of my clients with tips on what they should be working on in their individual self care routine. This involves stretching tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, as well as using foam rollers or massage balls to get into muscle trigger points. The more committed you are to looking after your body, the less often you will need me to fix you.  Regular Exercise Regular exercise helps to keep your muscles strong, flexible and your body healthy. By participating in exercise, you are working to counteract the effects sitting has on your body and your health. If you work on your feet all day, regular exercise also helps to activate muscles you may not be using correctly. A good example is the muscles of the core. Many people stand for long periods and experience lower back pain as they are not activating their deep core muscles to support their lower back. Find something you enjoy and that works for your body to motivate you to stick with it.  Correct Posture Ensuring your workstation is set up correctly helps to improve posture when seated. Posture when standing, as well as lifting will also reduce injury or strains. If you sustain a muscle strain or injury, you may require Remedial Massage treatment or Physiotherapy, depending on the severity of injury. I have created my Feel Better, Move Better At Work Stretch Chart to help you know what stretches you can do at work and as a reminder to take breaks from the same positions. Download a copy of the Stretch Chart Here.   Set Up a Treatment Plan Many Private Health Insurance providers include a benefit for Remedial Massage. If you have an injury or pain, discuss how we can make the most of this rebate by setting up a Treatment Plan. This allows you to budget your money and rebates in line with the required treatment for your injury.   Refer a Friend If you love the treatment you receive from Evolution Health Services for your Remedial Massage, why not refer a friend. As a thank you, we will give you a $10 voucher towards your next Remedial Massage. As a bonus, we will give your friend $10 off their first massage too.  Loyalty Rewards Evolution Health Services offers a Remedial Massage Loyalty Rewards Card where you receive your 5th Massage half price and 10th Massage Free! How awesome is that?! We want to thank you for your continued commitment to your health and for choosing us to provide your Remedial Massage. To join you have to do absolutely nothing except pick up your card at your next appointment. All clients are automatically collecting rewards with each treatment.  I hope this helps you to discover ways to make Remedial Massage more affordable. I really encourage you to think of how you can care for yourself first and allow me to be one part of that. If you need any help to create your own self care routine, Contact Me with any questions.  Book Online: www.evolutionhealthservices.com.au

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