5 Ways To Include Protein in Your Breakfast

 You have heard the saying that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In today’s busy society, just eating something for breakfast is your first challenge. Your breakfast meal sets you up for the day so you should start your day with the right foods, not just what is convenient. So I’ve decided to share my 5 ways to include protein in your Breakfast.  Protein is an important nutrient as it helps to build & repair muscle and a source of energy. It must be consumed daily in our diets to continue to support essential functions within the body. So how best should you get protein into your diet, starting with breakfast? 

  1. Eggs
    Eggs are by far my favourite way to include protein in my breakfast. You can eat them scrambled, boiled, poached or in an omelette. During your food preparation for the week cut up some capsicum, onion, mushrooms or bacon to include with your eggs. They all taste great scrambled in with the eggs.  Have some frozen spinach on hand to get another serve of leafy greens in your diet. 
  2. Meat
    Who says you can’t have meat for breakfast? A piece of lean meat for breakfast is a great protein source. It’s probably a new idea to get used to but there is no scientific reason that you can’t eat it for breakfast. Some ways to add meat into your breakfast include, lean chicken, beef, pork, etc with a side of avocado and sweet potato. Yes you can eat potato for breakfast too without it being deep fried. Also try Savoury Mince which can be made on the weekend and frozen for the week. Ingredients include lean mince and plenty of vegetables hidden in there. 
  3. Yoghurt Many people are already having yoghurt for breakfast with their fruit or muesli however have you looked at the nutrition panel of a tub of “low fat” yoghurt these days? It’s loaded with sugar. As they have taken out all the fat and therefore flavour, they had to figure out another way to make it taste good. So insert sugar. I have scanned the shelves of the supermarket looking for a full fat yoghurt and they are very hard to find. The best tip is to look for a greek yoghurt. Sure it’ll taste a little tart but add some fresh fruits to naturally sweeten it up. 
  4. Beans

    Beans are full of protein. As a bonus they are also full of fibre. Instead of buying the tinned beans, try making some at home. Try this recipe for Homemade Beans. They can be served as a side with eggs or on some whole grain bread. Don’t be concerned about the side effects of beans. Just make sure you get outside for a walk and some fresh air. 

  5. Oats
    Whole grains are another source of protein. While they don’t contain the most essential amino acids required by the body, it is a step away from the cereals that we are used to. Oats are a quick breakfast but aim for actual rolled oats to cook. The packet oats with yummy flavours are full of the sugars and processed ingredients best to avoid. While I’m not a fan of oats, my partner Tristan loves them. He has made up his own special container with saltanas and shredded coconut ready to cook in the morning.

 Why not cereal?Many people assume that cereal is a good choice. We have all seen the commercials of kids and adults starting their day with it. So why not? Sorry to break it to you but those sugar-loaded cereals are setting your body up to crave more sugar throughout the day. Your body needs a stable fuel source and to feel satisfied for longer periods. Protein provides this. Simple carbohydrates spike blood sugar and leave you hungry in an hour.  If you have any more questions about recipes or protein sources then contact us with your questions. We love finding and sharing healthy and delicious recipes.  

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