5 Ways To Fake It Til You Make It

Feeling uninspired to get back into exercise after the Long Weekend? Just generally struggle on a Monday with motivation? While you keep telling yourself you don’t feel like it, you never will. So here’s my top 5 ways to fake it til you make it.

1. Dress the part

Get your butt out of bed. Throw on your fave tights and singlet. Wear your funky coloured joggers and walk out the door. When you wear an outfit you are comfortable in and feel great in you are one step closer to getting to work. My favourite workout clothes involve a fluoro green crop top, men’slarge singlet (Evolution branded of course), high waisted Lorna Jane Tights and green/yellow/red shoes. It looks funky, is comfortable and covers my not so great bits while showing off my toned shoulder. It’s all about flaunting your best bits.

2. Stand tall 

Posture plays a huge part in how we feel. Have you ever stood in perfect posture and felt how light you feel? If you want to try it, just ask me next session and I will show you how to do it. Posture also affects how people see us. If you saw a girl with hunched shoulders and looking at the ground, what would you think? I would think she’s probably pretty shy and not confident in herself. While the lady strutting along next to her, standing tall, shoulders back, head high, looks like she is ready to take on the world. Who would you wanna be? So once you have the outfit, strut your stuff in it. Walk into that Group Training Session or Personal Training Session like you are ready to take on that workout, even if you don’t yet feel it.

3. Act stronger

Once you start your workout, don’t just go through the motions. Get into your posture, use great technique and lift that weight with intention. Run with your head held high. You will be amazed at how much easier running will be when you can breathe well and also how light that weight feels when you aren’t acting like a weak little princess. You are strong and don’t you forget it.

4. Tell yourself how awesome you are

Acknowledge your awesomeness with everything you achieve throughout the workout. Think about how much you have achieved in the time you have been training. Were you a​​ble to do that push up last week or month? Were you able to do burpees? How far can you jog now? These little changes may creep up on you but they show you how your hard work is paying off.

5. Believe it

Now that you have faked your way through your workout, it’s time to believe it. Do you believe you are that funky dressed woman, strutting herself into the workout, smashing out every exercise asked of her and doing more than she could last week? Well believe it baby because you just did it. Now how do you feel? Are you glad you got your butt out of bed this morning? Read this every Monday morning and remind yourself how awesome you are!

If you have any questions about how awesome you are, then contact me and we can have a chat. I will always find something that you are great at doing. Enjoy your new attitude.

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