5 Things Remedial Massage Could Help You With

We have all heard about the usual things that Massage can assist with. It’s well known that massage is great for relaxation, for back pain or headaches. But what about some lessor known problems that you are experiencing? Have you thought about these 5 things Remedial Massage could help you with?  Breathing Are you able to breathe as well as you should? I find many clients are not breathing correctly. Whether it is due to pregnancy, where they have had a growing child obstruct their diaphragm for months or posture has tightened the muscles of the chest. These clients require Remedial Massage to release the diaphragm as well as other secondary breathing muscles.   Do you know how to breathe using your diaphragm? Education is another part of Remedial Massage. We educate correct breathing technique which can improve your cardiovascular fitness or just improve how you feel day to day. You body is able to more effectively receive oxygen.  Posture You probably don’t realise this but whenever you walk through the door of your Massage Therapist’s rooms, they are already analysing your movements. We are trained during our courses to take a postural analysis from a stationary standing position but once we are out in the real world, we start this process well before you stand in front of us. We start to notice uneven shoulders, hunched back, limping while walking. You may even notice us checking out your shoes for signs of uneven wearing. These are all triggers in our mind of what may be going on with your body.  Once you are assessed we work to release those muscles and bring you back into a neutral position. We will reassess you at the end to check on your progress. Most clients are sent home with a couple of stretches to complete so that the improvements can continue or be maintained.  Digestion Well what I am really talking about here is bowel movements. Do you find sometimes you get an ache in your stomach or you haven’t been to the bathroom in more than a day? While nutrition plays a huge role, Remedial Massage can assist through an effective abdominal massage. If you don’t want me touching your stomach, I can also show you the right way to give your tummy some relief. Swelling During pregnancy many women experience swelling but what about other conditions that cause swelling in the extremities? Gentle massage towards the heart can relieve swelling from these affected joints. And who doesn’t love a great hand or foot massage?  Flexibility People usually think it’s old age that makes us all seize up and unable to touch our toes. While age is a factor, you can reverse its impact through Remedial Massage. Massage is effective in breaking down adhesions in muscles, releasing muscle spasm and treating soft tissues restricting a joint. Massage along with some education on stretching, will assist in improving your flexibility. Now think about what you could achieve if you moved better. If you have anything that you think may be assisted by Remedial Massage, Contact Us and I will let you know if we can help.  You can also contact us to make an appointment if you need help with any of the above. We are here to help you Look Better, Feel Better and Move Better.

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