5 Problem Areas That Need Massage

When people think of Remedial Massage they think of their back. They think of the nice relaxing back massage that will get them feeling good. Remedial Massage is more than just a back rub. We look further into the way the body works and figure out what muscles are causing your pain. So what other areas need to be looked at to provide you relief from pain? We love to get you moving better so here’s my top 5 problem areas that need massage.


Deep Neck Muscles

Many Remedial Massage Therapists will treat the muscles at the back of your neck but they often forget about the deep muscles that lie along the sides and front of your neck. These muscles are responsible for keeping our heads up all day and are overworked with poor posture. We spend many hours on the computer and now we are spending more time looking down to iPads and smartphones that the problem is only getting worse. These tiny muscles can cause the headaches and neck pain that so many of my clients experience. Remedial Massage can help to treat these deep neck flexors and take home exercises given to help keep them moving well between treatments.


Chest (Pecs)

Also caused by the hours we spend at computers or maybe too many push ups at the gym without training our backs, we are creating poor posture with rounded shoulders. In this position our pecs tend to tighten which keeps the rounded posture. Remedial Massage will release these pec muscles and allow your shoulders to move more freely. As aftercare, I regularly teach clients how to stretch their pecs and ask that they make it part of their daily routine to reverse the posture they hold for the majority of the day. Also adding back strengthening exercises will help improve this balance.


Gluteus Maximus

Who doesn’t love saying Gluteus Maximus. It’s probably one of the only muscles you remember from PDHPE at High School. If you can’t remember, it’s the butt muscle. It also has a few friends called Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius and the Piriformis muscle. They are responsible for the external rotation and extension movements of the hips. Many clients present with Sciatic pain which can start from the lower back, hips and travel down into the leg. The sciatic nerve can be compressed by muscle so a Remedial Massage Therapist can work to release the muscles around the nerve to provide relief.


Hip Flexors

The hip flexor muscles (Psoas and Iliacus) are located along the front of your hips. The Psoas attaches at the front of your spine and onto the Femur. When we are sitting all day these muscles tighten up. When they are tight, they pull forward on the spine, causing lower back pain. To release the hip flexors, your Remedial Massage Therapist will need to place their fingers into your abdominal area. It can be uncomfortable, slightly painful and weird but we will communicate with the throughout the process to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Once released you will notice the difference with your movement and how easily you can swivel those hips again.



We often forget about our arms. We use them every day for everything yet when was the last time youincluded them in your massage? Depending on the type of work you do, I will usually recommend when to include your arms too but I think they should become part of every massage. I massage the triceps during a back massage and will add in the biceps when I am releasing your pecs but the forearms need some attention too. Many clients experience ‘Tennis Elbow’ or ‘Golfer’s Elbow’ which can be eased with Remedial Massage and stretches at home.


Remedial Massage involves asking plenty of questions. This is my way of finding out about your lifestyle and working out what your body is doing to cause your pain. Based on your history, I will recommend if these areas are included in your Remedial Massage Treatment. I always ask clients what they would like me to work on as sometimes people don’t like feet or necks being massaged so I want to make sure they are completely comfortable. If you are ever uncomfortable with any treatment recommended, you have a right to speak up. And that goes for any Remedial Massage Therapist in Campbelltown you see. If you are unsure of what is happening. Speak up.

We love to share our knowledge to help you feel better.  If you have any questions about your pain, please Contact Us and we can help guide you in the right direction. Book Online today

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