5 Lessons From The Lone Wolf

Six months ago we brought you the story of my sister Manda. She decided she would like to go off and learn to be an MMA Fighter. Fast forward 6 months and we have just seen her first ever fight in the Wimp 2 Warrior Finale at the Luna Park Big Top. Now given the fight name the ‘Lone Wolf’, Manda went through an intense training program resulting in changes of the mind and body. We are so proud and we thought we would share 5 lessons from the Lone Wolf. Commitment 7 months ago Manda went through a 90 minute try out to be chosen as a contestant in Series 3 of Wimp 2 Warrior. Now I’m sure she thought that was the hard part. The hard part came when she was selected and realised that she was now commited to training 5 mornings per week in Brookvale for the next 6 months. Manda lives in Campbelltown, so her day began at 3:30am. Manda attended almost every single training session. She missed one session, when our Pa died. Even while grieving,she continued to train. She knew the importance of what she was doing and was not going to let anything stop her. She put absolutely everything into her training and the results showed.

  • Lesson 1 – Commitment isn’t just about showing up, it’s about giving it your all.

Good nutrition As part of the Wimp 2 Warrior Program they were given nutrition advice. Manda sat down with me and discussed what had been given to her. We worked out a way for her to understand what they were asking of her and she set up her plan. She needed to eat enough food to fuel her body for training, give her enough energy to continue her day and the right nutrients to repair her hard working muscles. The program encouraged weight loss to make your weight class however the balance was important. Failing to eat nutritious foods shows on the scales but can also show in injuries or illness in the body.

  • Lesson 2 – Eating nutritious foods is important for fuel and cellular repair, preventing illness and injury.

Preparation Her preparation was vital in her success. Remember that 3:30am start? Well it was so early to make sure she had food in her system before training. She had a handwritten plan on her fridge of her meals and stuck to them every day. We would regularly go to her house to find her in the kitchen, making her meals for the week. She also had to have her training gear ready for the next day. Efficiency in the morning helps with motivation so the work you do at night can make your next day run smoothly.

  • Lesson 3 – Fail to Plan, Plan to fail. Get your training gear ready, plan your meals and prepare yourself for success.

Self Care Throughout the program Manda listened to her body. She knew when it wasn’t feeling right or moving right. She would come to me and ask advice on how to care for herself. She booked in for Remedial Massage when needed. She purchased a foam roller to roll out her aching body each day so she could get back to training the next. Her fellow contestants called her lucky for getting through without injury, but I knew her secret. She took great care of her body.

  • Lesson 4 – Listen to your body and take steps to look after it.

Mindset I’m sure you have been wondering the outcome of the fight. Well the fight ended in a “verbal submission” meaning Manda couldn’t continue. She copped a kick in the guts and couldn’t recover. She required a bucket or poor Holli would have copped a face full of vomit. MMA fighting is not easy. It is intense and there is so much adrenaline pumping through your body. Imagine then doing that for the first time in front of thousands of people.   Manda shared this quote the following day. She showed grace in defeat and realised why she started this process. It wasn’t to win a fight. It was to transform her mind, her body and do something completely out of her comfort zone. Manda and Holli took photos together showing off their battle wounds and showed the comradere built over 26 weeks together.

  • Lesson 5 – Your mind is powerful. Learn to control your mind and see what you can achieve.

So while we have all been inspired by Manda’s journey, it seems our time with the Wimp 2 Warrior family is not done. Series 4 expression of interests are being taken. Our very own Personal Trainer, Tristan has decided is going to try out, so stay tuned for his story. Do you want to get prepared for a journey like this? Contact us so we can help set you on the right path.  Want to see the fight? Watch Manda in action here Photo credit: Skyline Productions

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