5 Lessons From My Fitbit

5 Lessons From My Fitbit

Have you got a Fitbit or another activity tracker?I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday in February and have been wearing it almost every day since. I have the Android App that syncs all the data back to my phone and sends me notifications of my progress. So I thought I would share my 5 lessons from my fitbit:

1. I Don’t Sleep Well The Fitbit tracks my sleep based on how much I move around at night. I was very surprised to see that I was not even getting close to 8 hours sleep, especially when I went to bed 10 hours before I set my alarm. Some nights I really didn’t get to bed in time but due to my restless sleeping, it didn’t count towards sleep. I saw nights where I was restless 25 times. I would barely get 1 hour of settled sleep. The app has a new setting where you can determine a sleep goal every night. I am still struggling to get those stars when I reach my goal.

2. Cleaning and Moving House is a great workout. The day this screenshot was taken I ran our 9:30am Outdoor Group Training Session then went straight to our old house to clean up. We spent all day there packing, moving and cleaning. It was a two storey house so I managed to climb the stairs 26 times apparently. I burned an additional 700 calories above my daily goal. I was exhausted after the day but look how effective cleaning is as a workout. So next time you avoid the housework, think of it as an awesome workout. Squat with the washing basket, lunge while sweeping, tackle those stairs as many times as you can.

3. I Can Be Very Competitive So the app also has a function where you can link up with your friends to join work week, weekend or daily challenges. They involve getting the most steps over one of the above timeframes. I soon noticed that I didn’t want to lose. I thought I was so busy all of the time I must be doing more steps than everyone. I would see my sister’s steps climbing up all day and I would get a bit obsessed. I wondered how she managed to get so many steps and joked that she must be sitting on the lounge pumping her arm up and down. I have taken myself out of these challenges or avoided constantly monitoring progress or it could have become very obsessive behaviour.

4. Boxing really gets my steps up It’s probably cheating in a sense that boxing isn’t “steps” but you are still moving. During a boxing session we can get thousands of steps up between the running and punching.

5. Massage doesn’t get my steps up I spend my other hours of the day after our Group Training or Personal Training Sessions in my massage clinic. I can spend up to 5 or 6 hours on my feet with my Remedial Massage clients but my fitbit doesn’t really give me many steps for all my hard work. Luckily I go to training most nights to get those steps up.

Has there been any surprising things you discovered from using your activity tracker? We would love to hear them. If you would like to join in our group for weekly challenges or get your steps up with Boxing, Contact Us Now.

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