5 Free Fitness Apps That We Use

It’s often expected as a Personal Trainer that I will have all the latest gadgets, tricks and devices to use in my fitness classes. As fantastic as that would be to track my performance in every move, I don’t have the money or time to worry about all of that. I am a mum and a business owner so both of these lovely responsibilities, take the majority of our funds so I like to look for ways to do it all for free. I would love to share 5 free fitness apps that we use to keep fit.  Map My RunThis app is a favourite as I have become a bit of a runner. It’s a free app that tracks time, distance, pace and enables you to save the workouts. I like to know the pace I am running. Sometimes this works in my favour to push me to go faster or other times if I’m going fast I slack off as I am head of my usual pace. It also tracks distance when I decide to go for long runs. It originally helped me know how far I was running so I knew how much I was improving.  Couch to 5kmOriginally I used this app to build up my ability to run. It has an in-built training program where you run 3 times per week for around half an hour. It gives you a warm up, cool down and intervals of running or walking in between. When I first started I was lucky to make it through the first 30 second interval without wanting to stop. It helps you focus on gradual increases as opposed to trying to run a whole 5kms straight away. MyFitnessPalWhile this app may not help improve your fitness as such, it helps track your intake of food which fuels your body to perform. If you have a weight loss goal, it also helps you to determine how many calories you should be taking in each day based on your BMR. It also let’s you input exercise or syncs with your fitness tracker. I have trouble updating the diary every day so I use it occasionally as a sense check of the calories I am consuming based on my current food choices. Tabata TimerThe Tabata Timer is an app I use in my classes to set intervals for HIIT classes or circuits. This app can be used at home too if you choose to create your own workouts. Traditional Tabata training is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds (4 mins in total). We often use this format in classes and my favourite exercise is to do squats for 20 seconds and a squat hold for 10 seconds in the “rest” period. It’s a leg burner. There’s free or paid versions of this app but I stick with free. S HealthI have a Samsung Phone and it came with an inbuilt tracking app which automatically runs in the background, tracking your steps, distance and can even measure your heart rate. It’s a great tool if you are looking for something free and basic to get you started. Each day if I walk around with my phone I get a notification celebrating my step goal reached and my activity goal met. You can even see a summary of your week. Try these free apps or search for similar apps in the iTunes or Android stores to get started. They have helped me in my fitness journey and I hope you find them useful too. If you would like help with reaching your fitness goals or setting up a plan at home, contact us to help set you on your way. Personal Trainingand Program Writing available at home, gym or park.

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