4 Clients Who Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage

4 Clients Who Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage

Since the introduction of Manual Lymphatic Drainage here at Evolution Health Services, I have been able to see the benefits to our clients for a variety of conditions. These range from immediate visible reduction of swelling, reduction in their anxiety and improved movement as they get off the table. Clients appear more at ease as they see and feel how lymphatic drainage has helped. So today I wanted to share with you 4 clients who benefit from lymphatic drainage. I hope these examples can help you to see how Lymphatic Drainage may be able to help you.


Who Can Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage?


Cancer Survivors

In most cases cancer survivors have had tumours / lymph nodes removed or have had radiation or chemo. When lymph nodes are removed from the body it has an affect on how the body moves lymphatic fluid around. Our bodies are amazing how it can regenerate itself and re-establish links between lymphatic vessels. But the body is unable to regrow Lymph nodes which can result in pooling of lymphatic fluid (Oedema). That’s where Lymphatic Drainage comes in. After taking your medical history we will aid the lymphatic system by redirecting the lymphatic fluid. Over time the body can imitate the direction it should go in. But in some cases the Oedema continues and requires maintenance to stop the accumulation accruing again.

While Massage can be beneficial during your battle with Cancer, we recommend commencing treatment once you are in remission. In the future I will be adding Oncology Massage to my further education and training. So for now it’s best that you seek an appropriately qualified Massage Therapist for Oncology Massage if you require treatment.

Post Surgery

Lymphatic drainage post surgery is great to relax the nervous system to reduce pain. Lymphatic Drainage post surgery is also great for Oedema. It leads to greater fluid elimination from tissues and will assist in preventing scarring of the area. The ability of the body to remove unwanted fluid at the site aids in preventing infection and decreases healing time after surgery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very slow and gentle technique. Pain is avoided during treatment as we aim to calm the body.

Recently I have had a few clients attend following Cosmetic Plastic surgery. These procedures are taxing on the body, and I am still amazed at the effectiveness of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in their cases. Within a 90 min session I can literally see and feel the fluid moving, decreasing in the size of the fluid accumulation. I have been seeing great improvements from the time the client gets on the table being sore and unable to move properly. And when they get off the table they are relaxed and moving with more ease and you can see the change not only in the amount of fluid already being drained but in the client themselves.

If you have had surgery and Lymphatic Drainage is recommended. We will require a medical clearance. Contact Us prior to your next Specialist consultation and we can forward you a copy of our Medical Clearance Request Form.


If you have been pregnant before you would most likely know what Oedema during pregnancy is. For those who don’t know, it is when the pregnant person suffers from swelling of the feet and ankles or in the wrists as a result of changes within the body. One of the most common effects of fluid on the wrists results in carpal tunnel syndrome where pregnant women experience numbness and tingling. Lymphatic drainage can assist in reducing the Oedema (swelling) during your pregnancy by switching on the node groups in the body aiding the body to help drain excess fluid and make for a more comfortable pregnancy.

I do a lot of pregnancy massages and I see this condition in about half the women I treat. There is no need for a separate booking for Lymphatic Drainage just advise me at the beginning of your appointment of your symptoms. I will include lymphatic drainage into your pregnancy massage.

Post Flights

Lots of people suffer from Oedema (swelling) after long flights due to the time spent sedentary unable to move freely around the cabin. Lymphatic Drainage has great results for decreasing swelling (oedema) in legs and feet after your flight. It is best to wait 72 hrs in case of a DVT being dislodged and causing even bigger problems. Recently I had clients return from an overseas holiday and experiencing fluid in the legs. I worked gently to encourage the movement of fluid from the affected areas. Following treatment, they noticed a visible change in the swelling and overall feeling in their legs. What a better way to feel after your holiday than swollen and tense.


These are just four examples of the types of clients I can help with Manual Lymphatic Drainage in a Remedial Massage Treatment. If you have been recommended to seek Lymphatic Drainage or have recently had Cancer or Surgery and would like to know if it may help, Contact Us today via the website or call 02 8964 1673 and ask for Rebecca.