3 Tips for Nurturing Yourself During Pregnancy

3 Tips for Nurturing Yourself During Pregnancy

Vanessa Fritz is a Maternity Concierge, giving the pregnant women of Sydney a helping hand. After a difficult pregnancy, Vanessa created Bedrest Solutions, to help expectant mothers who are busy or who are also experiencing a difficult pregnancy. Services include nurseries, baby showers, sourcing baby items, bed rest support, mother help, household management, errands and more.


If you’re anything like me, you’re armed with your to do list and you like getting things done. Now that you’re pregnant, you have even more things to put on your never ending to do list. With the demands on your body, and all the baby preparation going on, it’s important to focus on what you need and what your body needs. And that’s nurturing yourself. If you need to write it on your to do list to make it happen then do so but mark it as a priority. Here are my top three tips for how you can nurture yourself during pregnancy.

Nurture your body

I was never prepared for just how much pregnancy would take a toll on me physically. Your centre of gravity is shifting, your ligaments are loosening to prepare for birth and you may experience a whole host of other pregnancy symptoms. I’m usually one of those people who puts off doing anything about aches and pains, but trust me, when you’re pregnant, they get worse very quickly and they don’t go away with time. This is the time to listen to your body and nurture yourself. Your body has an enormous task in making a little human, so give back to your body. Go to a physio about those aches and pains and book in that massage by someone experienced in pregnancy massage.


Rest and sleep

Rest is so important for each stage of your pregnancy for various health benefits. One of the common symptoms during that first trimester is tiredness, so make sure you listen to what your body needs. Yes, there are plenty of things to get done, but it can wait. During your second trimester, you might start to feel better so it’s the perfect time to get onto the nursery, organise your baby shower and look into what baby items. With all that going on, as well as growing a baby, you can easily burn out so make sure you rest during this time too. During your last trimester you will hear that you need to get all the sleep you can get because once the baby comes, you won’t be getting much sleep. I used to get so annoyed hearing this because I found it so difficult sleeping with the heartburn, my newly developed snoring habit and the giant watermelon belly. Try to go to bed earlier and if you don’t get much sleep and focus on getting enough rest if you’re struggling to sleep.


Make time to enjoy yourself

I know we are all busy and never have any time to get anything done but you’re probably feeling exhausted and emotionally spent. If you’re struggling to get everything done, see if you can outsource it, accept the help from loved ones or put it on the back burner if it’s not a priority. Don’t feel the need to say yes to everything. Why not make the time to do the things that actually make you feel good. Give yourself permission to enjoy this special time. You also need to make time to clear your head of anything baby related and just get back to being you. Read that novel, go on a date night with your partner or binge watch your favourite show. You deserve it.


If you need more time during your pregnancy to nurture yourself, a maternity concierge from Bedrest Solutions is the perfect person to prepare you for the baby, do the house chores and tackle that to do list. Check out www.bedrestsolutions.com.au or call 0435 058 509 to book your free consultation today.