3 Reasons to Include Massage In Your Post-Surgery Recovery

There are many reasons we undergo surgery. Whether it be elective surgery for cosmetic reasons, emergency surgery due to trauma and injury, or surgery to replace joints worn with age, we expect a long recovery with each type. Recovery usually involves rest, Physiotherapy and exercises. Remedial Massage is gaining popularity with allied health providers as an additional service to assist with your recovery. Here is 3 reasons to include massage in your post-surgery recovery.

  1. Pain – it’s well known that massage therapy helps to relieve pain, and it is also well known that surgical procedures are painful. So why not use massage therapy to help with pain management post-surgery? Once the wound has healed there can still be residual sensitivity and pain, which is perfectly normal, and caused by muscle, fascia, and skin tightness constricting on the nerves in the area. Using massage therapy to relieve the tension on all this soft tissue will also relieve tension on the nerve supply in the area. Giving you less pain.
  2. Swelling – Swelling is a natural response by the body to help heal an injury. However sometimes this swelling hangs around longer than we would like, especially post-surgery. In orthopaedic surgery such as knee and hip replacements, swelling can often reduce movement and hinder the mobility of the affected limb, so using massage therapy we can assist the body in removing this excess swelling, helping also to restore mobility and strength
  3. Muscle Imbalances Due to Surgery – Depending on the surgery, the actual procedure itself can cause damage or dysfunction in the muscle. There are numerous ways this can happen during surgery, whether it be from a prosthesis (hip or knee replacement) causing the limb to become longer or shorter than it was previously, the muscles being pulled aside to allow access to the site of surgery, or even from you being in the same or irregular position for an extended period whilst the surgery is occurring or during the recovery. Massage therapy can assist the body into getting these muscles back into a more comfortable position, their original position or state, or help stretch and lengthen them if they are tight from guarding the recently operated area.

Bonus Reason – massage is relaxing and nice, and it should be used as a reward for being brave enough to have surgery in the first place. After all, everyone loves a bit of TLC while they are recovering. ???? If you would like to include Remedial Massage in your post-op treatment plan, contact us today to discuss your needs or Book Online now.

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