12 Reasons to do our 12 Week Challenge

 We are getting Married! In less than 13 weeks our wedding day will be here and we have decided we want to get in shape for the big day. As your trainers we are always active but we are also parents, business owners and real people so we want to create a 12 week plan to a better you and show you how it’s done. So keep reading to find out 12 reasons you should join us in our 12 week challenge.

1. It’s SMART 

Well not only is it a smart choice to join us but we will help you set SMART goals. It is great to have an idea of what you want but to make a goal SMART it needs to be:

  • Specific – meaning there is something in particular you want to achieve ie. Weight loss, fit into a dress size, run 1km without stopping… whatever it may be.
  • Measurable – weight loss is measurable with scales, setting a distance is measurable.
  • Attainable – Taking into consideration your current fitness level we can determine if your goal is achievable.
  • Realistic – Considering safety and your lifestyle, we will determine a goal that suits.
  • Time-bound – it’s a 12 week program so we have time-based covered!

2. We have a plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” I’m sure you have heard that saying before and it is very true, especially when it comes to exercise and eating. Sometimes you don’t know where to start and it all seems overwhelming. We have designed a plan to make small changes over time instead of creating a big change to implement at once.

3. It’s more than scales and measuring tapes

While weight loss may be one of your goals, we always ask for a fitness goal to show you what else you can achieve. You may want to run or learn to do push ups. These are great motivators and you can really surprise yourself on what is possible when you put your mind to it.

4. We are real people too

Many people have this idea that Personal Trainers are super human or only eat brown rice & chicken. Well we are only human with real life to deal with too. Tristan works a full time job and trains you all at night, plus Coaches kids on the weekend at Little Kickers. Melissa runs a Remedial Massage clinic, holds nutrition coaching sessions, has a 1 year old son and a 1 year old nephew she cares for 2 days per week. We juggle a lot with the support of our family but we want to show that despite all that, we can achieve our goals too.

5. We want to be role models

Being a role model for your children is a powerful motivator especially when you first see them copy the exercises you do without any instruction. Check out this video of our son Blake as he quietly did some burpees while we were training. Not only do we want to be a role model for Blake but we want to be role models you all too. We want to show you it can be done and that we follow our own advice.

6. It’s realistic

We are all very busy in our lives, we are realistic and understand what it will take to reach your goal so we will fit the goal to what you are able to commit to. If you can’t make a session, we will post up workouts you can do at home, in the office or hotel room.

7. It’s your dream with a deadline

Setting a deadline creates urgency and marks importance to the goal you would like to achieve. Goals really are just dreams with a deadline so join us in making your dreams come true.

8. We are here for you

Over the next 12 weeks we are here to answer your questions and if you need someone to speak to when you are having a tough day. You can call, email, Facebook message… whatever way you want to get in touch with us.

9. We are dedicated to get you results

As we meet you all and welcome you into the group, we are finding out what you need to know and what you need to get results. We will be providing nutrition advice, motivation and inspiration throughout the 12 weeks challenge to keep you going.

10. There’s new friends waiting for you

We have created a dedicated Facebook group where you can share your story, vent on a bad day, share recipes and seek support from like minded people who are on the same journey as you. They may even become your new best friends as you will be spending plenty of time together. Get involved in the conversation.

11. It’s about finding a better version of you

We think you are pretty great already for wanting to make positive change in your life but with the right direction we are here to help you find that better version of you. Whether it’s the awesome parent who can chase after their kids; or the self-confident woman who walks into a room and commands attention; or that person who inspires others to be better too, we are here to help.

12. Celebration

At the end of the program there is a special event to celebrate your achievements and ours. It is important to recognise how hard you have worked and we are here to celebrate with you. One member has already booked her hair appointment and is scheduling in a shopping trip before we have even started. She is in the right mindset to succeed.  So if you are ready to join in and succeed too, contact us to find out how to join our 12 week challenge.

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