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Strong Mums

Online Fitness Coaching

Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Mums

Strong Mums

Online Fitness Coaching

Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Mums


Hello There!

  • Are you looking to get moving again after baby?
  • Are you time poor, tired and lost with where to start?
  • Are you worried about committing to a program that leaves you exhausted, depleted and pressured to get your pre-pregnancy body back?
  • Are you concerned how you will fit in exercise and healthy eating around a new baby, family commitments, work and life?
  • Are you looking for guidance, support and a plan that suits the demands of motherhood?

We have a coaching program that will guide you through any stage of motherhood providing education, support and most importantly love to that special body that created life.


Introducing Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching

  • Flexible approach to programming to suit your busy lifestyle and to match the physical demands of motherhood.
  • Exercise at home, at the park or gym with minimal equipment required
  • Prepare your body for the long term. Aim to address and prevent incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain at any time in the future.
  • Self Care. Enjoy quality personal relationship with your partner and your children, while taking time for yourself.
  • Embrace your post-natal body and fall in love with what you have.


Strong Mum Online Coaching Program

Progressive Weekly Workout Plans

Three Strength Training Workouts progressed weekly and updated every 4 weeks designed for your post-natal stage.

Flexible Training Calendar

Guidance to help create a flexible weekly training calendar that suits your busy lifestyle and support to get back on track when life gets crazy.

Video Demonstrations

Every exercise in the program has a video to demonstrate how to complete at home.

Nutrition Coaching

Weekly Nutrition Coaching Topics and actions to put into place to create small, sustainable change.

Women's Health Education

Health is more than just eating and working out so the program includes discussion on relevant women’s health issues.

Online Coaching Group

Join our Closed Facebook Group for support, accountability and coaching.

About Your Coach

Introducing Melissa Woodward

As a Health Professional over the last 16 years and a Mum for the last 5 years, I know what you are going through. I have felt the same fears, the lack of self worth, pressure to fit a certain image and feeling absolutely overwhelmed by it all that I have wanted to give up. I have needed to dig deep to keep going towards improving my personal health and show my clients that it can be done.

I have qualifications as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach, as well as specialised training in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise, Coaching, Infant and Pregnancy Massage to help me to develop this program to support Mums not only move but feel well in movement, prevent pain, injury and most of all enjoy quality time with family. 


What You Won’t Experience

  • No hardcore workouts that leave you exhausted or placing unnecessary pressure on your post-partum body.
  • No pressure to stick to a restrictive workout plan
  • No strict diet or meal plans.
  • No calorie counting, weighing food or pressure to eat from a pre-determined meal plan
  • No pressure to lose weight, fit into pre-pregnancy clothing or create visible abs. 

What You Will Experience

  • Workouts appropriate for your post-partum stage with consideration to fatigue, pelvic floor health and commitment.
  • Flexible workouts that can be broken down for an unsettled bub, days you lack energy or if life gets in the way.
  • Nutrition Education and coaching to help you create sustainable lifestyle change
  • Awareness of food content, how it works for your body and reconnecting with a positive relationship towards food.
  • Education on how to retrain your core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and progressively build back to pre-pregnancy activity, including running.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have plenty of questions about the program. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions and we will guide you towards the correct program for you.  

Who is this program designed for ?

Strong Mum Online Fitness Coaching is designed for mums from 3 months post partum and beyond. Whether you are a beginner or returning to exercise, the program is designed for a progressive increase in intensity to slowly rebuild your fitness.

In the near future our program will extend from Pregnancy and new Mum stages to guide you through the whole process.

I'm not a new mum, my child are grown. Can I still join?

Absolutely! It’s never too late to get started with improving your health, nutrition and movement following the birth of your children. You may not have dedicated the time in the early years and now you have more time to get started. We are here to support you do just that. 

Do I need a Medical Clearance to join?

We recommend that you seek advice from your medical practitioner in regards to starting any exercise program following pregnancy. 

We also recommend a consultation with a Women’s Health or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist to assess your recovery. The program caters for potential post natal concerns such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and weakness. Coaching will help guide you through correct lifting, breathing and movement techniques to strengthen and prevent further injury or pain. 

What Equipment will I need?

For effective resistance and strength training we recommend some equipment for the program. We start with a basic set of dumbbells and a resistance band. Recommendations for where to purchase the equipment will be made available in the program. Many items can be purchased at your local Kmart, Target, Big W, Rebel Sport and we have access to ordering equipment on your behalf. 

How long will the Workouts take?

We understand that time and energy are precious to a new mum. Each workout is designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes with time for you to stretch at the end. 

The workouts can be broken down into pairs of exercises completed at different times throughout the day. If you are disrupted during your workout, you can pick up and finish the rest later. 

On days where you have childcare or more energy, there will be plenty of recommendations on what else you an add to your workout. 

What is the Minimum Commitment?

The minimum commitment is 1 month in line with our billing cycle.

We do recommend that you give the program at least 3 months to give you long lasting results. New progressed workouts are released every 4 weeks to ensure you are always improving.

Cancellation can be completed at any time online and are effective immediately. We recommend waiting to the end of your billing cycle so you still retain access for your pre-paid block. No refunds are given for early cancellation. 

What happens once I sign up?

Once you have registered and completed payment for the program, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. You will also receive a link to join the closed Facebook Group. Please request to join so you can get started with online coaching and support.

Log in to your account to see your first block of the training plan, weekly activity plans, nutrition and health education. You will have immediate access to get started today!

Do I have to start on a certain day?

No. The program starts as soon as you sign up. Every 28 days you will receive a new block of workouts in your account. 

The Facebook Group will also provide additional support to keep you progressing through the weeks at your own pace. If you ever fall off the wagon, your coach and the other mums are there to help you find a way to get back on track. 

Ready to Make a Change?

Join our Strong Mum Online Fitness Coaching Program

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